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Week 3 Part B: Developing a Brand

For The Painting Dummy I played around with a couple of ideas for logos before setting on a simple double circle with an illustrative paint brush diagonally across it. The muted greens for the background make the red and purple of the paint brush pop.  I kept with cooler colors for the background. For the lettering I went with a friendly sans-serif. The color I kept warm with a bright golden yellow. I like the logo as simple as it is, I think I can use it as an identity across many media formats.

The logo comes from trying to represent what I will be mostly focusing on, painting miniatures. The idea of an actual art dummy as part of the logo mark was entertained for a while but was dropped as I thought it make the logo mark look a little too crowded and didn’t read well at lower resolution and sizes. I like having the tag line, “learning as I do”, as part of the complete logo. This represents a big part of my focus on trial and error in the painting process and experience. I really wan…
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Week 3 Part A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

These two websites have some problems, to say the least. The Ease of use, or more like, the lack of Ease of use on both sites makes it almost imposable to locate what you may be looking for if you went to the websites as a search result. Neither use Contrast very well. What contrast that is used pull attention away from relevant information about product or links to that information. Typography use is basic at best if it was even thought of. Both at least picked a sans seraph font. Neither of these sites come across as projecting any kind of professionalism in either the design or more safely, in the company they were designed for.

A couple of improvements could drastically change the perception of both websites. A more contrasting color scheme would change the overall appearance dramatically. Both should pay attention to where the colors could be used to build a hierarchy in the page. Proximity could be used to better illustrate what…

Week2-Part B Business Research

 eBay Miniature Rescues

This is a tabletop miniature painting service. Some commission work with a majority of the business in “rescuing” damage, neglected, or poorly painted miniatures by fixing and repainting them to a table top or better standard. It is literally a one man show. Teaches tips and techniques anyone can use to save miniatures or models and save some money (expensive habit…I mean Hobby). Ships anywhere mail will go to really.

Social Media:
YouTube -   uploads about every week. as of this writing last upload was 9-6-202036,600 subscribers to this channelInstagram-  posts about every 4 to 6 weeksas of this writing last upload was 8-10-20201,684 followers on this Instagram feedFacebook-  posts semi-monthly as of this writing last post was 8-27-2020 641 followers on this Facebook pageTwitter-      tweets semi-monthlyas of this writing last tweeted on 7-29-2020111 people follow this Twitter feed
I think eBay Miniature Rescues uses YouTube in…

Week 2 Part A: Communication Between Business & Consumer

Using Social Media now to communicate with a business or as a business is significantly different from communicating with businesses in the past. Before, almost all communications with and by a business was almost all one way. The business had a bull horn with advertising, and the customer could give feed back through customer service departments. Not the greatest way to have any type of relationship.

Today a business can “mine” social media looking for any mention of their business or product. This ‘mining’ is more than just monitoring. The information that can be gathered this way one public forums, can be more informative for the business than a customer support line. The public nature of the social media sites can encourage a more authentic or honest discourse from the customer to their online community than may be reported to the customer service rep. This honest information wether positive or negative can be gathered in real time and utilized to improve the customer’s or client’…

Week 1 - Blog Theme

I chose the Notable Coral theme to start with. The color scheme first caught my eye. The bright coral color against the black background stood out among the gallery of themes on offer. It also came with a clean simple design and I knew I was going to want to modify it a bit, so thought that would make an easier place to start from.

Notable Coral, I noticed, was way more dynamic in adapting to platform sizes than some of the other themes. In this new era of smart phones and tablets that more and more people are using to view internet pages on, I thought that this would be a plus for any direction I would be going in with this blog. I think it would be better for more people on whatever device they prefer to have an enjoyable experience when interacting with this blog or any website.

I like the options of customizing the themes that Blogger provides. For this Notable Coral theme, I changed the Title font and color, the font of the main body text, and how vivid the coral color is. I added …